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Traditional medium brood boxes and Flow Hive 2

Hi there! I am a new-bee beekeeper :slight_smile: Things were going well until a few weeks ago when I noticed a change - it turned out to be a verroa mite issue which we were treating but the weakened colony was then attacked and robbed and the colony collapsed. I have enlisted the help of a local beekeeper but she doesn’t know Flow Hive (she looks after over 100 hives in the LA and Ventura county area in SoCal but only 1 Flow Hive - mine!). She has brought 3 traditional medium brood boxes to replace the colony. She does not want to put her medium frames into the Flow Hive deep brood box since the bees will struggle to control the temperature etc. with such a large gap. Will the traditional medium (non Flow Hive) brood boxes fit on the Flow Hive frame (base with legs and the waste tray part)?
Any thoughts or advice? Thank you.

Hi Julia, what does your mentor say? It’s best to follow her recommendations.

To answer your question: yes, provided the number of frames in the supers remain the same. For example 8 frames or 10 frames. If your base is made for 8 frames, you’ll need an 8 frame medium super.

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Putting medium depth frames into a full depth box is something I certainly wouldn’t do, the bees will struggle to climb up the side of a full depth box to get to the shallower frames. eventually the bees will fill in the gap with comb but that will be built all the way down and attach to the floor !!! A big problem for the future when you do a brood inspection.
Can she not loan you the traditional medium boxes and you can begin adding to full depth frames and a box so that the bees will adapt and use the full depth enough that you can then give her back the mediums? I’m not sure I have worded it clearly but you might guess at my thinking.
Welcome to the forum, a great site with friendly folk happy to give advice.

Thank you - she has loaned me the mediums - it was the transition to the deep that was my concern - and I do get your suggestion !

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