Larvae in super

Hi just robbed our hive and in one frame larvae flowed out, has anyone got suggestions what it could be? Or experienced this before, looks like a moth larvae. Thanks

Photos would be help identify.

Yes I agree, a photo would be helpful. I see you are on the Sunny Coast. Hive beetle larvae is a possibility. You might need to physically inspect the frames to see what’s going on.

Hi Jeff a big thanks for replying. My bees are your bees. They have been very busy ejecting the SHB and I guess my initial shock was discovering larvae in one super frame. I’ve been cleaning the bottom tray twice a day and now placed a slim tray with oil under the brood box where the beetles are gathering. The hive still looks strong , lots of bees inside and outside. Will pull the box apart on Wednesday when I’m home from work. It’s been difficult finding time to attack this problem as have been fire fighting. I’m just very thankful the bees are still there.


Hi Vicki, you’re welcome. Peachester, now I remember.

I’m just battling the heat. I chose today to rob the bees & extract honey because it’s only going to get to 28. We’ve got just over 30 at the moment. I’m struggling in that.

take care, cheers for now