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Last San Diego harvest of the year 2021

This is very unusual for us. Normally, the last harvest of the season in San Diego, California is mid-July at the latest. However, we had some unusual “monsoon” rains after that, so we left the Flow super on the hive. It is pretty well adorned with propolis, but it also had some very nice capped honey. Some of the frames were partially capped, so we decided to harvest in the kitchen. Here are some photos of our last harvest:

You can see the benefit of draining one frame at a time. The colours of the honey are so different!



Wow! That’s beautiful!

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Wow, Beautiful! I like seeing the different colors of honey. We just checked our flow hives. Our flow frames are half full of honey with only 10% capped. We are still seeing lots of pollen going into the hive. What do we do with the honey if the weather doesn’t stay warm until the flow frames are capped?
I peeked into the top brood box and can see capped honey on the frames, yay! food stores for winter.

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They often are not capped later in the season. So what I do is bring the super inside, so that I can catch any leaks. I set up a couple of large sheet pans under the super, as you can see in the second photo above. Then I drain the honey inside, catching any leaks in the pans.

If it wasn’t capped, I test the water content with a honey refractometer (about $30 from Amazon) and if it is less than 18.6% water, it will be shelf stable and you can sell it. Any more water than that, I either use it for cooking, or the bees get it back when they need feeding, but meanwhile I store it in the freezer. :wink: