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Late night bearding


I know I’ve talked about this ad nauseum, sorry. But looking tonight I noticed that they are out in significant numbers.

  • Entrance reducer removed
  • Time is 9:40 PM
  • Temperature is 26C or 79F
  • the hive was under shade cloth today and no bearding during the hot hours



It is normal Robert. Look at this way, The hive is strong and at night all the worker bees have taken a break from foraging and are at home with all the rest of the girls.
it is a warm night and with all the extra body heat in the hive it is getting too hot for the comfort of the queen and brood. It is about now a break in the cooler fresh air is sounding pretty good and i have heard through the grape vine there is a slight breeze blowing as well. I’ll just go out and hang out there in the beard…:wink::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Perfect, thanks!! You’ve put my.mind at ease yet again.


We actually have a whole section on bearding in case you would like to have a look at some other beekeepers beards :slight_smile:



Doh. I realise there’s a few posts I should have put in other areas

And thanks… Mine was nothing compared to that!


Faroe Quote “in case you would like to have a look at some other beekeepers beards”.

Mine’s not much to look at, however I’d like to see @Dawn_SD’s.


Yep, I left that sentence like that on purpose :wink: Could start a new topic on it :stuck_out_tongue:

This was many years ago, but a good beard none the less. :bearded_person:


Wilma said “she grows a beard well :slight_smile: better than yours Jeff”.


We have an old European joke…

Why do Italian men grow such impressive moustaches? So that they look like their mothers! :smile: :blush: :rofl: :smiling_imp: