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Late season swarm

() Hi all,

Surprise ! surprize … I’ve been be moaning the fact I’ve not caught a single swarm since 2016. I do splits all the time n careful inspect my 8 to 10 colonies systemically about every 10 days during our active 6 month season up here in Puget Sound near Seattle.

Well, I’ve been observing a few bees going in/out of one Nuc box I forgot to put the bung/plug back into for last 5 to seven days. Yesterday the sun :sunny: shine came out n warmed us up (80 dgs)… All my hives were exceptionally active (hmm, including the Nuc box). So I got nosy !

Popping the lid I was very shocked n surprised to see four of the five frames well covered with bees :honeybee:… it doesn’t take a dummy very long to analyze this is an active colony not a few robbing bees cleaning old frames.

All my other hives are extremely busy thus these bees came n took up housekeeping at my Apiary … thus I’ve now can stop moaning about no swarms.

It’s a little late season … so might transfer to one of my wood 5 frame Nuc box, add a extra frame of brood to spike their number n chance of proper winter honey supply ( I’ll winter as a Nuc) or I have buddy that has a queenless hive n can’t find one. He could merge mine with his n keep his “Golden Girl” Flow hive strong n alive.

Just thot I’d share since not much happening on the forum “State-Side” here.

I’ll add a couple pix’s n post !


Gerald. Uploading: BA91933C-F788-41A5-8DD2-AEC8CDC9F33C.jpeg… Uploading: 5848CFA3-B74D-47B4-BD5E-E70F90E82FE3.jpeg… Uploading: 591C29F7-2E32-4F7E-8CDD-A2E57E247947.jpeg…

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Good for you, Jerry! Nice to hear from you again. Hope you are doing well yourself. Hugs to Vera too. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




Looking good @Gerald_Nickel :sunglasses::raised_hands: nice to see you!! Hope you & Vera have been well :blush:


Hiya Gerald, are you going to get a honey harvest this year?

Still not sure. Our blackberries are still a wee bit blooming. I believe I’ll have plenty of honey :honey_pot: to winter over but still iffy up in the shallow honey supers n none in either of my two Flow-hives.

My Burbs location is a difficult one for too much harvest. Just a few quarts or gallons is all I’d like each year. I see most of my colonies bringing in pollen n look like heavier landings so guess even with our mild summer mild n damper June n some of July.

It’s close to August so more concerned here about mite count rising soon too.

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