SOLD:5 frame nuc of bees FOR SALE Sydney (South)

I have a five frame nuc for sale (bees swarmed and were captured from my existing Flowhive in mid December and new queen installed - queen purchased from Doug at Urban Beehive)

PM me if interested in the nuc. If you are installing the nuc in a brand new Flowhive I will also supply (if desired) a block of cleaned up beeswax from my hive to rub on your new plastic frames and encourage the bees to work on them - just let me know when you PM me.

You can keep the corflute box the nuc comes in to catch your own swarm next season if necessary.



Hi Oak,

Wish I was Down Under instead of up here in the winter rain n chill near Seattle. Nice looking Nuc ! Like the good brood frame … seems a lot of bee coverage as well over the colony.

Up here I’ve got three Nucs ordered for our coming Spring but delivery will not be until mid April for us. Nice Nuc box n frames.

I’d sure have picked up on that our last later summer last season. I lost two to our nasty aggressive yellow jackets. So couple empties waiting out in my apiary.




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Not sure you would want to be here today - its mid 30s (Celcius), pretty warm for the bees and us, although not as bad as the 40 degree weather we had last week. Sad to hear you lost a few hives to yellow jackets. My bees must not mind the heat though as they don’t seem to want to stop multiplying (I know that’s what they are meant to do :grin:)

The spring before this one my only hive swarmed when I was late to recognise the signs / life got in the way. Luckily I caught it and housed it in what has now become my second hive. This Australian spring I was much more proactive in September about moving frames from the brood to super (Flow hybrid) every 3-4 weeks to give them space to lay to try and avoid swarming but stopped doing that at the end of November thinking I’d passed swarm season only to have them swarm in December! :man_facepalming:

I was happy be able to catch that one too, hence the nuc.

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Hi Oat,

Yaaaah ! I’ll pass on the visit 30’s getting a dab out of my “like zone” bro. And 40’’s ain’t happening (that’s way above 100 dgs F)… That SW desert :camel: temps up here. Maybe Arizona or Texas ! I’ve seen 38 dgs here only a few times in my 72 yrs here near Seattle … it was not fun !! A couple more adventuresome bees try getting out but they were far n few between.

Yesterday we hit T-shirt weather almost of 10.5 dgs C … A 5 to 10 mph breeze put a little discomfort to it so I added my wool vest to break the coolness :smiley:.

My Flow-Hive has a Beta version data collection recorder that sends current internal temps, humidity, n total hive weight off via 3 gig system to a local college for hive data/bee research.

Just recorded my morning weather data n batching it up to send into NOAA … I have a volunteer Wx station here at the house.

. Our Saturday starting out lower stratus clouds n 7 dgs with calm wind n no new wet stuff :umbrella: since mid nite.

Got to get another cup of coffee :coffee: here bro. Have a great weekend,


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This nuc is sold now thank you.