Laying worker eggs photo

I had a walk away split that I had made about a month and a half ago that I forgot about and realized today that I never went to check to see if they made a queen and if she was successfully mated and laying… Anyway, nothing really to salvage from the split any more but I did snap a high res picture of cells with multiple eggs from the laying workers and thought I would post it for educational purposes…


helllo, thanks for posing this, so is the only way to tell if its a laying worker from the eggs is that there are multiple eggs per cell?

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No - there are other signs too -

Sometimes eggs will be on the sides of the cells or not even be inside cells.
You won’t find a queen
There may be queen cups or cells (with unfertilized eggs)
Drone brood caps on worker sized cells
Low bee numbers with excess drones (if it has been going on a long time)