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Leaking Honey at Harvest

Hello there from Wodonga Australia.
I have recently read where people have lost a significant amount of honey during harvesting of their flow hives.
A couple of ladies brought their flow supers indoors and sat them on trays to catch the leaking honey.
One 2 inch high tray, that was the size of the super in surface, was full to the top with honey that had leaked during the harvest process.
Is this an usual occurrence?
If so, why does it leak?
Is there a way to stop it leaking all this honey?
Has this happened to any one else?
Will I have to also bring the super inside and/or sit it over a tray to catch the leaking honey?
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my topic and I am thankful and appreciate any and all help that I can get.

There are tons of posts about this on the forum, and if you use the Search tool (magnifying glass) at the upper right, you will find a lot of information.

In short, no, it is not usual if you open each frame gradually and only drain one or two frames per day

It leaks for a huge number of reasons, including airlocks causing back pressure, people draining uncapped frames, loose wiring, etc, etc, etc

The way to stop it is to read about the causes using the Search tool, and make sure that you have prevented those. I have had a Flow hive for 6 years, and have never had an in-hive leak.

Maybe @Bianca, @Freebee2 or one of the other Flow employees might have more to add



Oh thank you so much Dawn.
I didn’t even think to search the issue. I will do that now.
I really appreciate your help and you have made me more aware of the “search”.
Once again,
Thank you

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Hi again Dawn,
I found answers easily through the search.
Thank you so much for the suggestion.
I am also doing a flow course in November that includes harvesting from the Flow super.
I am assuming that if I get my bees in September that the course in November will come before I have to do a harvest. :blush:


Well done to you for putting the effort in. I can tell you what I think, but if you search for yourself, you will find what you really want to know. Great job! :blush:

If there is something that isn’t answered by a search, please ask. We all want to help, and there are lots of good people here. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Once again, thank you Dawn.
You are so right about looking it up for myself and it has helped me learn more and understand more.
I am so grateful for people like you that are here to help along this journey. :yellow_heart::honeybee::yellow_heart:


Thanks for reaching out with your question Jo.

Along with what Dawn said, please note one additional very important part of harvesting, which is to avoid removing the super from the hive.

The Flow Frames were designed to be harvested whilst on the hive as this keeps the wax and honey at the same warm temperature of the hive (est. 35°C) keeping the wax malleable and honey warm to flow easily. Problems such as cold, slow, honey and brittle cooled wax can cause significant leaking.

Please make yourself familiar with the Flow harvesting checklist below and feel free to reach out to the Flow Support team for more specialised help at info@honeyflow.com.


Thank you so very much.
When I had read that the super was taken off I thought that was strange.
I am so glad that I am here and have so much help and advise as a new beekeeper.
Kindest regards,