Leaving a flow super on in Victorian Winter, what are the risks?

Hi All,

I am very new to this, to the point I just got my new hive and installed a Nuc of bees. They are still filling out the brood box so I have not yet added the super. What risks are there if I install the super before winter and leave it on for winter. Im not expecting to be able to harvest honey before spring but im concerned that the honey will crystallize in the flow frames? Im not sure if thats an issue and if its cleanable etc. I am in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. It doesnt get particularly frosty where we are but the temperatures still get low with the average temp around 14 degrees and getting down to 0 on some days. I just dont want to destroy my flow frames before ive even had a chance to use them haha.

Hi Miss LB, welcome to beekeeping and the forum! Here’s what came up right below your post -

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