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Lid blown off bees gone

Hi I went away for the weekend and there was a storm and even tho I had a brick on the roof board of my brood box it has been blown off and all bees have gone and several dead in the box I would think that the Frames have now have been too cold and will go to chalk brood.
Devastated as this was a split from last spring.
What do I do With all the frames, Dispose of and just start over? I’m not sure but I suspect the bees won’t return? Thanks

Sorry to hear of the loss.

I would freeze the frames for a few days and then store secure from wax moths. Then when you do another split or catch a swarm you have some drawn comb to add.

Thanks for the advice so once frozen what will happen to all the brood, larvae ect in the frames

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I very much doubt that the bees will return. So sorry.

They will die and rot unfortunately (smells bad), unless you keep them frozen. If you can’t keep them frozen, you could consider rendering any frames of comb with brood for the wax.

Ok so if I keep them frozen then return to a hive when I say get another Nuc or catch a swarm will the bees then clean them all out?

Yes they will. Plus they will “re-use” some of the protein in the larvae if it hasn’t rotted. Nice boost for a new colony. :blush:


You mean caniballise???.. :open_mouth:

Here I was thinking bees were cute and furry animals… :joy: