Removing Drone Frames?

Ok, so I was looking through my hive and spotted an abundance of drone cells, which is fine because the other frames were full of worker brood, and I’m well aware that hives lay more drones in the spring, but what I was wondering is if I should replace the frame with an empty one and freeze it, or if I should just leave it. The reason I want to freeze it is because I read the bees can use it for storing honey in late August and early September, and I’d love to save the resources the bees made.

I wouldn’t freeze it, because I think the majority is worker brood. I wouldn’t freeze it anyway. If you take it out of the freezer, before giving it to a colony, you must bare in mind that the bees will have to dispose of all the dead brood, before they can use the comb. I’d be happier letting the bees start afresh with new comb (on wax foundation).

From what I can see in the photo there is a lot of worker brood there. I would let the bees carry on.


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Thank you for the advice, I’ll definitely let the bees do their thing.

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Thanks for responding! I’ll let the bees continue.