Lion's mane mushrrooms

I think honey and bees etc are amazing but I have also come across the amazing properties of fungi. i am now growing lion’s mane fungi and I think that this could be, along with other fungi, the greatest thing since sliced bread. OK, sorry, sliced bread is actually worthless but the world of honey and fungi could really be the greatest environment for human health improvement , that we have ever se\en, no jokes! Anybody care to share?

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I’m obsessed with mushrooms, John!! Foraging or just looking-and-admiring on hikes is a favorite lifelong pastime. Came across two beautiful dryad’s saddles the other day.

Been tempted to grow fungi but have only dipped a toe in with a few of those prefab ‘logs’, not ready for the level of dedication with anything larger scale. I’d love to see pics of your efforts!

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Thanks Eva. I will keep you posted! Regards

John Lawson