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Interesting video - beekeeping in rural China

I follow a few YouTube channels of young women in China who share their lifestyles growing and foraging food. Today one of them shared footage from various honey harvests, some in the wild and some from managed hives. I hope the link works.


Fascinating @cathiemac, thank you! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. :blush:

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Hi Cathie, ditto to what @Dawn_SD said. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you two Dawn.


@Dawn_SD @JeffH thanks for the Christmas greetings! The weather here is mild and moist, the garden is thriving and the bees are busy. I have week’s holiday from work so I couldn’t be more content. I wish you both, and all on the forum, a safe and happy holiday season.


Hi Cathie, thank you. I hope you enjoy your week off. Looks like more rain next week. I’m hoping for a deluge because that’s what makes the dragon fruits bud. I got a few buds after that last lot. I’m looking forward to a whole lot more.