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Live and learn again


Note to self: bees will fly at night and they are a bit grumpy when you wake them. Needed to cut some grass around the hive so I thought I can do that after dark, in shorts and tshirt - I can only say thanks goodness I don’t have any neighbors as they would have gotten quite the show in my frantic efforts to remove some unhappy bees from my clothes :blush:


Oh yes, night guard bees are on duty and they take their job serious! :smiley: I just refilled the top feeder, sun has just gone down, and I got controlled right away. I’m not sure that they realize what I’m up to (actually I’m doing them good), so I hurried up and went away before Sgt. Emily called a code red… :wink:


Yah ! Abandoning britches anytime can be a piece of showmanship ! I remember my dad as a kid getting bees up his legs n got him in the “you know what areas”. He sure did get out of those trouser QUICKLY … Wish I’d have got a movie. Wasn’t funny at the time but laughed about that for many years after ! :smile::+1:. Yah ! I swear those “girls” got pretty good night vision goggles ! :sunglasses:. Gerald.


@Sabine My hubby is very wary of the bees so I have to block the entrance after dark so he can mow first thing in the morning then I let them out.

Yet when a tree was cut down in the garden by the tree surgeons they never bothered them - go figure


For sure. I harvested two frames this weekend and then pulled the last jar after dark. When I went to place the cover for the flow key back on I got popped by one of the guard girls.


Sorry John !

They have Night tactics. Guess next year I’ll have to remember that possibility ! Thankz for that comment n note. Often I collect my pollen with only a hat n net … So far not been nailed doing that ! “Knock on Wood” !