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Live Flow Hive split - with Cedar & Mira

Hey Beekeepers,

It’s sprung to mind that not everyone cross pollinates, and some of you may be missing out on our informative Wednesday Live Streams on FaceBook / YouTube, depending on what platforms you access regularly.

In case you’re curious, or maybe have a bit more time at home at the moment, we do record these each week and I’ll start posting them here for you to check out if you wish.

You are also welcome to PM me with any questions you’d like included and I’ll pass them along to Cedar. He doesn’t always have time to get to all of them, but will certainly give it a crack! (We’ll try to answer any he doesn’t get to).

Here’s this week’s recording, which is a special on hive splits hosted by Cedar and his sister (and bee photographer extraordinaire) Mira - hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:



Hey everyone,

Here’s the recording of yesterday’s FaceBook Live, for those who weren’t able to catch it:

This week was a general Q & A session particularly geared towards newer beekeepers.

If you’ve recently started beekeeping you might like to check it out :slight_smile:


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