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Facebook livestream "Found the Swarm"

Hi Beekeepers,

I’ve got a few FaceBook live catch up sessions to share with you this morning - here is the first of them.

If you have any questions on swarm catching, or pre-emptive splits to manage swarming, please feel free to post them here for the forum community and Flow team.

Happy viewing :slight_smile:

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Facebook livestream: Honey Cascade

This one isn’t directly related to beekeeping tips, but does contain a few via the live Q & A - and is just kind of cool to watch :slight_smile:

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Thanks Free, these look cool, but I can’t get them to play - going to try later.

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Thanks Eva, Let us know how you go. I just tried it and was able to view the video but if you have any ongoing trouble I may be able to try posting a different link…

It worked this time :+1:

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