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Local bee population


Hiya all, I have many bees in my area, when trees are in flower there is a constant buzzing in the air. Not sure if they are wild or local hive bees.
As I’m entering the beekeeping fray I’m wondering if it’s possible to have too many bees in the area. When I add a hive or two on my property will competition for nectar and pollen cause issues?


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Hi Greg, no, you wont have too many bees. As long as you have stuff flowering in your local area most of the year, your bees will be fine. When you observe the bees leaving a hive, they generally take off into the far distance, way beyond what we have flowering in our own yards. You need to look at what’s flowering inside a 4 or 5 kilometer radius, when you look at it like that, your bees have an area of say 25-35 sq.km. to work. This is the first time I ever looked at it like that myself.