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Local bees to hive

Hello new to flow hive not yet bought one but would like to know how to attract local bees, as have many,to the hive is this done by introducing a queen bee to the hive cheers.

Hi Mark,
You will need either a Swarm of bees (collecting from the wild), Package of bees (bought from a beekeeper), buy an established hive, buy a Nucleus hive (from a beekeeper).
It is unlikely anyone will sell you a queen bee if you do not have established bees. Thats like putting a woman on a desert island and asking her to create a city of people.
If you are keen to learn about bees and how to manage them, I would suggest looking into a bee club in your local area. They have classes, workshops and field days. This is the best way to start.


Ok thank you.appreciate that will contact my local bee club interested to learn cheers!

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If you are interested in attracting a swarm to your hive, we have a section in the forum that discusses it quite a bit -


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