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What can I use to trap the bees to my new hive


Am having a challenge of getting bee in to my new hive, pleas what can I use?


Find a local beekeeper and ask to buy a nucleus from them. That is the easiest and most certain way. Second best way is to ask them for local advice on trapping swarms. While you are talking to them, ask them to teach and mentor you - it seems that would be a huge benefit to you and your bees.

I also suggest you read some books on beekeeping. You can’t just set up a hive and expect bees to move in. They might, but it might also stay empty for years.


Thank you very much,


Hi odo,

Do you have a Flow Hive or normal beehive?

Here is a good post to read and watch the video:

Please have a look at these beginner beekeeping videos, there is a lot to learn :slight_smile: