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Local's Feeding Frenzy

when the honey begins t flow in the super does it start a feeding frenzy with the bees in the hive? i’ve talked to some of the local bee folks here in Texas and it sounds like they aren’t familiar with the flow hive. they R trying to convince me to cancel my order that is to arrive in May sometime…

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No. They have no idea what they are talking about. Unfortunately this is typical of a lot of traditional beekeepers. They are very suspicious of new methods.

Flow frames can leak into the hive if you haven’t checked the wiring tightness, or if you open the whole frame at once rather than in 20% sections every 10 minutes or so. That can upset the bees and start robbing if you don’t clean it up. However, it isn’t common if you follow the best practices discussed on this forum.

I suggest you just tell them that you are getting a Langstroth hive. A Flow hive is a Langstroth hive, it is only the super that is a little different. Listen to your local beekeepers about how they take care of their brood boxes, and come to us for advice on the Flow super and the plastic frames.

No need to cancel your order, with the right input, everything should go just fine. :blush:

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thanks Dawn.  i was just informed that my flow hive 2+ should ship real soon.  i've located a Saskatraz bundle of 3 lb bees.  things are moving along nicely so far.

It is also the response many beeks who extract traditional worry about with harvesting at the hive with Open tubes and jars/tubs at the back of the hive. My bees mostly leave it alone but I’ve learned that to reduce the presence of bees in the honey to cover them up. There are many methods to stop even the odd bee getting stuck in your honey harvest:

  • fly net over back of hive
  • tubes through holes
  • damp cloth around tube into jug
  • harvesting at night

@TimB have a look at harvest photos video here on the forum, FB and/or uTube.


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