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Looking for Nuc to buy Brisbane

Hello all :wave: :slightly_smiling_face:
I hope everyone is safe and well, pandemics not withstanding.

I am hoping to purchase a Nuc in time for Spring.

Can anyone help?


Jeff at BuderIm on the Sunshine Coast has stock of the Italian strain of bee now, they are very calm and ideal in our climate and his price is very good value for your money. His number is available and I will PM it to you now., very likely his wife Wilma will answer and she can organize a day and time,

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Hi Peter,

Thank you very much for this contact.
I really appreciate it.


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Hi Peter
Could you pls send me details as well

Hi @Peter48 ,

Could you please also send me Jeffs contact details?


Hi Peter. I hope you are well. We are in Brisbane and also looking for a bee nuc for our first flow hive. Would you be able to share contact details of Jeff (or other who may have nuc) with us? Many thanks.

Sent you a PM with the information.

Hi Peter, hope you are well. I am in Brisbane southside and was wondering if Jeff still have any spare NUC for my first flow hive. Cheers.

I have sent a PM with the info.