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Nucs for sale Brisbane Northside


I have a couple of five frame nucs with young queens (laying well) for sale on the Northside of Brisbane. They are very vigorous and ready for a full size box. The colonies these queens have been bred from are gentle, productive and have always kept small hive beetle at bay without traps or other treatment. My prices are very reasonable. Please message me on the forum if you are interested.


Nucs are still available. I’m guessing people have been busy with Christmas, but someone may have a new flow hive to populate so I’m bumping this post up. These queens have lovely characteristics so I’m hoping they go to a good home soon!


Hi. Do you still have these nucs for sale? We have just built our new flow hive and are looking for a bee colony to move in.


Hi Frank, I have sold the two nucs originally advertised however I have another one almost ready to go -probably a week or two to confirm how well the new queen is laying. And I will have another coming along a couple of weeks later.
Where are you located in Brisbane? I am in Keperra on the north side. Is this your first bee hive? If so, I am happy to give you guidance the best I can if needed.


Hi Cathy, Yes this is my first bee hive and I am located near Capalaba on the south side. I am definitely interested in the new nuc. I have just put together a new Flow Hive 2, and as I am completely new to beekeeping, any guidance is very welcome. Please let me know when the new nuc is ready, so we can arrange the pick-up.


Frank, I have sent you a private message on the forum with some more information.


Two lovely five frame nucleus colonies of bees are ready for new homes. These have queens that have been laying for just a few weeks with very nice laying patterns and calm dispositions. The last of my splits until spring. Message me for more information.


Hi Cathie I’m located in Brisbane north and have just built my flow hive and am ready for some bees. Do you have any ? If so what’s your contact details to arrange.



Hi @James_Hay, Yes! I have bees, bursting at the seams, wanting space to store honey! I have messaged you my mobile and look forward to chatting tomorrow. Cathie