Transferring bees from an existing hive to a new hive

Just wondering if anyone has any tips or advice for transferring a Nuc out of a strong existing box into a new box.
If I take a nuc that may include the queen will the existing box create a new queen?
Or if I don’t take the queen will the new box create one?
Any tips would be appreciated as I’m still pretty new to all this!

Hi Luke. Welcome, I’m sure you will get lots of responses to your request for help. But while you’re waiting, you can type in to search button up top, magnifying glass. Try transferring bees to hive, Installing a Nucleus, will bring up lots of topics & discussion/advice.
I’m not sure if you’ve got a Nuc (which usually comes with a Queen), & you’re just wanting to put into a full size brood box? I’m not sure why you wouldn’t take the Queen?

I think Luke is looking at doing a split. If that is the case then get a frame if brood that includes eggs and put that in a nuc with a frame of sealed brood. Fill the other spaces with frames of honey. Shake lots of bees into the nuc making sure you don’t take the queen and close the nuc. Any field bees you have transferred will go back to the original hive. The house bees will stay with the nuc. After a week or two its worth stealing another frame of sealed brood from your strong hive and swapping it with the emerged sealed brood frame to keep the population up. Be VERY careful when opening the nuc as its very easy to damage a queen cell.

Hope this helps


Thanks for the replies.
Yes Rob you are on the right track.
I have one strong box with a brood box on the bottom and a super on the top.
I may be wrong in thinking that brood frames are the same as a nuc?

My thoughts were that if I take 2 frames out of my existing strong box and put them into a new box with no super on top and surround it with a few honey frames it should work and a queen will be created by the bees? Or do I have to buy a queen bee and put her in the new box?

Thanks, Luke

If you do what I said they will raise a queen from the eggs and young larvae. The trick is to get a frame that has eggs and open brood.

BTW. Where are you located Luke?



Yep got it. I’ll open it up in the next few weeks and make the transfer.
I’m in the Dandenong Ranges just out of Melbourne!

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Whereabouts Luke? I’m in Ferny Creek

Oh wow, I’m in Mount Dandenong.
Never would of thought there’d be anyone so close to me on this forum!

Nor me, if you ever need a hand with your bees let me know :slight_smile:

The concepts and types of splits: