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Malagash, Nova Scotia, 45.7721° N, 63.3766° W


Greetings from the warm and sunny North Shore of Nova Scotia!

My first year of bee keeping and its obvious the bees know more than me.

I am located in a warm micro-climate where grapes, peppers and aubergines grow well, with my hive around 300ft from the ocean.Shaded and sheltered from the 30C summer heat and ocean breezes but cool these last few days at 9-19C.

An abundance of wild flowers and much hive activity with two brood boxes and flow-frame super. My local nuc was given it’s new home in mid-June with second brood box added at 90% mid-July and super early August. After weeks of little activity in the flow frames, bees are now working hard though I do not anticipate harvesting this first year.