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Mandyam Srinivasan on birds, bees and intelligent machines

Have not yet listened to this but sounds interesting and it’s to do with bees. http://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/conversations/conversations-mandyam-srinivasan/7999412

Yeah, that was fantastic. well worth listening to. There was one thing he didn’t tell Richard that would have made him go wow. It’s when a bee witnesses a waggle dance & decides to go to that location to gather the nectar, the bee only takes enough fuel to do a one way trip.

Thanks for sharing the link! Very interesting topics about bee navigation, sight and learning.

PS, I’ll never look at a sesame seed the same ever again.

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Yeah, that’s alot of brains on a bread roll :smile:

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Yes exactly:) I always had the view that a bees brain was microscopic. A sesame seed is far from microscopic. When I look at a sesame seed, I begin to think that a bees brain is quite big.