Interesting film on BEES National geographic


Thanks for sharing that Helene.

At the 1:10 mark, I wonder if that’s a mite on the back of that drone or whether it was marked for the purpose of identifying it in the video.

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I reckon this… “camera man, follow that drone!”

Or somebody has been practising marking bees… :rofl:

Great video @Helene1 It succinctly gives us an appreciation of how tirelessly and busy bees are, they literally work till they drop for the colony - such remarkable sacrifice!


Ciaooo @JeffH

I did look again, yes at 1;10-- it does look funny… like a mite on the drone…?

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I’m only going by photos of mites that I’ve seen. We don’t have them in Australia. It maybe a dot that was placed on the drone to make him easier to identify. Being right in the the thorax and all.

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my eyes are pretty good and that is a mite for sure.


Wow, I’ve never seen mites before so I googled it and I think you’re right! They look like paint blobs!

Played it in 1080HD and watched it on the tv… definitely a mite. You can see it’s legs!

@JeffH ohhh MG… no that is a mite… I will ask at the school next Tuesday if they have them her in Italy in my area… I will have to finish my course before having the permission to instal my Flow Hive… so I do not have any experience at all as yet !

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