Medium honey super to fit flow hive?

Short version: are there any medium honey supers that fit the Flow footprint?

It looks like the Flow brood and super boxes are 1/4" narrower than any other boxes, so if I try to mix and match the non-Flow hangs over or doesn’t fit inside the roof. Has anyone else noticed that? If I want to use a Flow Honey Super and a medium honey super to get a bit of honey in the comb, are there any medium supers that will fit the flow frame box? Specific brand recommendations would be appreciated!


I made a moisture quilt to fit the flow dimensions. I put that on top of the non-flow medium and the roof, in turn, fit on top of the moisture quilt box. My moisture quilt is about 6 inches deep and filled with wood shavings. It has served a very good purpose for 2 years now

Yeah, I tried buying a moisture quilt but the dimensions are off.

Did you have to built yours from scratch?

yes, it took about an hour. 4 pieces of wood screwed at each end, stapled a linen cloth underneath, filled the box with wood shavings and sealed with a thin piece of plasterboard on top. Added a coat of varnish to give some protection, but could have done without it.

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