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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Very Happy New Year!


Wishing everybody tons of good will for the holiday season, whatever you celebrate and whatever your beliefs.

I really hope that everyone will reflect on what they have learned from their bees this year, and will look forward to another year of fascination and joy from beekeeping and the natural world.

Lots of happiness to everyone!




Many thanks Dawn & the same to you & everyone else. It’s been a great year for learning from my point of view.

cheers everyone :slight_smile:


Thanks Dawn, and a safe and merry season to you too!! :sunglasses:


Thanks DD and the same to you.:hugs::hugs:


Cheers to all my friends on the forum! I owe so much to your advice and support, and our cameraderie is such a special highlight :rainbow::heart_eyes::+1:


And cheers to you. :hugs::hugs:


Merry Christmas to everyone, sorry I’m a bit late. Christmas and then Boxing day sales with the wife today, some things we must do to keep a happy household.:crazy_face:


Merry Christmas, I have been away hibernating like Bici the bee :wink: I hope everyone has had a good holiday/break/celebration :slight_smile:

:honeybee: Faroe