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Merry Christmas


Wish you all a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.
May all your bees multiply and prosper.



Back at ya Busso.
Thanks everyone for the help and entertainment throughout the year making this forum thoroughly enjoyable.


Thanks @busso. Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to you too. Thank you for bringing balance and your own form of sanity to the forum. I always enjoy reading your posts, although they are rare these days… :blush:

I really hope my bees don’t multiply too much. They seem to be doing OK. I think next spring I will have sufficient extra to make 2 nuclei. I have ordered 3 non-AHB queens, just in case. I am not ready to try to sell more than that. If I can’t sell them, I could take on one more hive and I suppose I re-merge the extra one. With our expected drought next year, maybe I won’t have to worry too much about swarm prevention, but I never trust bees. :smile:


Thanks Busso & same to you! I’ll be raising a glass to Flow and all you forum folks tonight, for another year of amazing support and great company! Cheers :rainbow::evergreen_tree::beer::lollipop::honeybee::snowman_with_snow:



Happy Holidays to the whole forum crew. I’m still not used to a green Xmas and hope we get that snow in the forecast.

Cheers to bees and their enthusiastic supporters, and wishes for making the world a kinder and safer place for all.


This morning at The grocery store I was behind an old lady in the line. Her bill came to 78.00 but when she counted out all her money she only had just under 68.00. I thought she was probably someone’s granny and I’d like to think someone would have helped my granny out when she was alive especially at Christmas. She didn’t want me to help her but I insisted, and in no time we had all her food back on the shelves.
Merry Christmas, friends!


Thank you Busso, same to you & everyone else on the forum.

cheers, Jeff & Wilma


Merry Christmas to all. Thanks for all the ideas, help and thought provocation (can I say it like that?) over the year.
We are away for work. Miss my bees and hope they can cope with this heat without sprinklers. Tied a tin roofing sheet on top of each hive. Not sure if that makes it better or worse.


Cheers everybody …


You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch :dizzy_face: