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Michael Bush....eBook?


Darn, @Michael_Bush !
Is there no electronic version of your book for sale?

Enquiring minds…


The electronic version is just the whole web site! :smile:

However, there is a Kindle compatible version if you want:


Thanks a bunch Dawn!

When I’m going through a learning curve, I prefer source material to be linear-ly(?) formatted. Makes me feel less like I missed something via haphazard browsing.


I kept telling people the “ebook” was free, it’s just my website, but at their insistence I’ve offered the actual book as an ebook and several of the other old books I’ve published:
http://xstarpublishing.com/#The Practical Beekeeper

Some of the other books are available for free on m website as well, but some people want the ebook…

The link above will just take you to buy it through ejunkie. It’s available in .epub, .pdf and .mobi (kindle).


You show great restraint Sir!
You did not comment on my statement on my learning style.
In your book, I just read your pov…
"…The problem with learning and our world view is, we think things can be laid out linearly…"


It is the nature of a book to be linear and so the web site was reformatted that way to make the book… even if reality isn’t… but it does offer some assurance that you haven’t missed anything if you start at the beginning and continue to the end.


BTW…I took your advice and read the glossary a-z.
Good workout. Felt like a good foundation/prelude to reading the book and community forum posts.