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Beekeeping books I recommend


Here is on book I have found great reading, good for beginners and the more experienced:

The Practical Beekeeper Beekeeping Naturally - Michael Bush
This is a little like the encyclopedia of beekeeping a great read for new and experienced beekeepers, he has an open minded approach and generally recommends minimal intervention and a natural approach to beekeeping. My Favorite so far. I will add some more here soon.

New beekeeper starting out

This is a bit of a favourite of mine at the moment The Australian Beekeeping Guide published by the Rural Industries of Victoria. A printed copy is available for $35 or just download it for free.

I also have a copy of Doug Purdies Backyard Bees which I recommend for newbies planning to keep a hive in urban areas.

And a subscription to the monthly edition of The Australasian Beekeeper which is full of excellent tips and information.


My favorite book is Honeybee Democracy by Thomas D. Seeley. It explores how the bee super-organism communicates and makes decisions as a group.


Can anybody recommend any good audio books for Bee keeping


I read beekeeping for dummies and a browsed a few other books , the dummies book is a great start and very simple to fallow and use as a reference as needed , would recommended to anyone looking to get into beekeeping


Jake thanks for book recommended, have ordered all 3 volumes.
Can anybody recommend detailed video lessons for beginners.


I am reading The Practical Beeker and enjoying it very much. Great recommendation!


The Rose Hive Method by Tim Rowe


Free online bee books by Frank C. Pellett


I went to my local library and ordered 12 video’s and books !
You get them for 3 weeks at a time and then you can renew them up to 3 times per book or video!
Can’t wait till they arrive!:honeybee:


Michael Bush has all of material in his book available free online for those who can’t afford the book: The Practical Beekeeper
Beekeeping Naturally

I still prefer the hard copy version.


From the man who invented the Langstroth hive: Langstroth on the Hive and the Honey-Bee by L. L. Langstroth


The Everett F. Phillips’ Beekeeping Collection at Cornell’s Albert R. Mann Library is one of the largest and most complete apiculture libraries in the world.


This book came highly recommended, although I haven’t bought it yet. Location specific content:
Beekeeping in Coastal California.

It’s definitely on my list!!



If you’re able to find an audible book please let me know I’m going to look as well. I’m dyslexic so having something audible Will help me understand much better also can listen to it multiple times in the car while commute


I was very surprised on the number of videos I found on YouTube that are very educational. There is one series for the University of Florida that I thought was remarkable


just found this one



Michael Bush is awesome and a must-read.

“The Backyard Beekeeper - An Absolute Beginner;s Guide to Keeping Bees in Your Yard and Garden” by Kim Flottum.


Me too! :smiley: i’m even thinking about pains on and to read one for me and record it


Hey, some nice resources here. Moderators could we pin this please for reference?