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Mite Away Quick Strips


Hi - Newbee question.

I will be doing my Varroa treatment soon for my bees that will make up the winter cluster and

after reading the MAQS instructions, they don’t specify a time of day to to apply the strips.

Anyone have a suggestion or doesn’t it matter?




Doesn’t matter, as long as the day is not too hot (>85F, perhaps a bit higher). Don’t take the papery covering off the outside of the strips, though, or you will lose a lot of bees. :blush:


Thank you Dawn, I figured as much but just wanted to make sure.



A wise man asks for the answer to questions he doesn’t have the answer for. Welcome to the forum with a lot of information and friendly people to help you as you learn about bee keeping, you will find it interesting and your bees will at times throw a curve ball at you so you will never stop learning.
Dawn is one of the forums wealth of information.