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Did I make a mistake with MAQS?


Hi Folks,

I think I made a rookie mistake yesterday. I applied the MAQS. However, I not only took off the plastic but also the paper wrapper. When I looked at them today there were an abnormally lot of dead bees around the hives.

Did I make a mistake by not leaving on the paper?



Yes…take them out, leave a few days and start again leaving the paper wrapper.
Check you have a queen at the end of treatment


Ughh my bees are 3 hours away. I won’t see them for two weeks!


It’s also going to start getting colder. So I think I’ll miss my window to treat even if I removed it wouldn’t have time to treat properly.


I wouldn’t risk going back to a dead hive. I would be out there now. Sorry.


I would plan on going back out with the tools to do an Oxalic Acid Vapor treatment. As long as it’s over 35f I do them. MAQS is hard on queens for whatever reason.