Mixing 10 frame and 8 frame boxes

I want to add another broodbox below my flow hive brood box. But local seller has only 10 frame boxes while mine is the width of an 8 frame box (35cm).
I remember reading somewhere that its not recomended to mix sizes.

As i see it i can either try and build a box myself, try to downsize a 10 frame box to 8. Or try to place the 10 frames box below the 8 by using some size adaptor layer.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts in this subject.


You could do any of those. Michael Bush uses a very simple method. He just puts a plank of wood over the gap. You could flash it if you want more waterproofing, but it is a very simple idea. Here is a link to one of his photos of it:

@epeleg where are you based?

It is possible to have the 10 frame below and the 8 on top.

1: You could use a set of follower boards in the 10 to reduce down the sides to 8 frame and use a crown board to unite the 2 boxes - cut an 8 frame hole in the crown board and voilĂ .

2: keep the 10 frame as a 10 frame for the brood and the crown board to unite

Just make sure there is some sort of baffle around the bottom of the 8 frame to stop water getting in. Some sort of skirt to cover the crown board and overhang the 10 frame to prevent water getting in

The idea predates me by about a century… but here it is in practice:

It’s just a 1 x 3 20" long on the side. Here’s a picture of the same in Honey In The Comb by Carl Killion published in 1951:

Of course he wasn’t the first to do it.

Thanks every one.
Valli, i am from Israel.

I will probably consider going with something like whats in the picture uploaded by Michael_Bush although this will now raise a new question of how to deal with the entrance of the bees (or how to place the 10 frames on the flow hive base board.
I also think that the small table on which my hive sits migh also be too narrow to support the 10 frames box.

Hmm… got to do some measuring and think things over.

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@epeleg The reason I ask is if you are somewhere warmer and less wet than UK yes Michael’s is the best method if you were in the UK because of our rainy weather you would need to protect the join with some sort of baffle to stop the rain getting in.
if you want the Flow on its base and the 10 on to use the Crown board method in reverse. Use a 10 frame crown board with an 8 frame hole in the top and place it over the flow Brood box. There will be stability and they used to use this method for housing in the older day as it is quite stable

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The bees in a strong hive will propolize it closed in a day. It will not leak rain.

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I agree with Michael, the bees don’t let a little thing like a water leak bother them. Bears, Honey Badgers & humans are probably their biggest threat & either one can certainly ruin their day.