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Mixing Drill bit for creamed honey?


Mum is making larger batches of creamed honey and needs to find a drill bit mixer that is food grade (preferably stainless steel)- I have spent an hour googling and havn’t found anything in Australia yet. Does anyone know of a suitable product?


Do you mean like a paint stirrer that goes into a power drill. My concern is that a power drill might find the load of stiring honey to much and I can visualize the speed of the drill would have honey flying every where, what about something like an old Mixmaster, they have stainless steel beaters and variable speeds. Just a thought Jack.


that is what I mean. something like this:


I thought about a mix master but we want something even bigger so we can do 5 to 10 kgs at a time in a large bucket with a honey tap…


And have you tried Bunnings for a paint stirrer, think they would have just what you want. Good luck.


they do have things that look perfect- just slightly concerned they are not food grade.


Hey Jack, my thinking is that it is not like the stirrer would be in it for a long time so providing it is clean I don’t think that would cause a problem. The 205 litre drums we used to store honey in probably weren’t food grade either and Capalano supplied them to us.
Cheers Jack


If drills prove to weak… Maybe this will be the go:


I’ve used a new and clean paint stirrer from Bunnings to mix donut mixture. Can’t see it being a problem with honey. Your other option is to take the picture to a metal shop that has stainless rod and get them to bend one up for you. Make sure they grind at least one side of the end so that the drill chuck can grip it firmly.



Check out Kitchen Aid or Hobart mixers for heavier duty tasks. You may find one of these commercial grade machines from a used restaurant supply outlet, for not too much green.


We use this with a battery drill and have won “best creamed honey in NJ” :slight_smile: By “we”, I mean my wife lol.


Now that is a tool that would do the job Jack. Plenty of grunt and six speeds sounds good.


Keen to hear how you go Jack, I produce Creamed Honey in batches of 4-5kg but do it in a heavy duty KitchenAid. I have watched the old timers make it in buckets with a drill and paint stirrers and decided it was not food safe enough for me. I am looking to upgrade the KitchenAid to 10 or 15kg planetary dough mixer of the type they use in bakeries. They are not cheap but they are heavy duty and will do the job nicely with a wire whisk. Secondhand they sell for a few hundred dollars which is better than a thousand new.


I think Mum’s going to try out one of those 1800 watt power mixers… I’ll let you know how it goes.

I know those planetary mixers- they would be ideal for the job- all stainless steel too. If you ever truly get up to scale one of these things would be the bees knees:


WHoa… at $2,725.00 … think I might stick to the KitchenAid for now.


yup- you’d need to process a helluva lot of creamed honey to justify that puppy. But wouldn’t it be nice? Just turn the tap.