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Stainless steel honey storage container

Does anyone know were I can get 10 or 20L stainless steel honey tanks in Western Oz?

I already have a quality gate (45mm) but if it comes with a gate already, it’s ok too.

I’m sure I saw someone posting photos showing compact stainless tanks on this forum. (Could be @AdamMaskew)

Your local gumtree has loads for sale

Cheers Dean, I only found one though, and it is 70L which is too big for me.

Yep, I’ve got a 5l sansone one. I got mine from SWAT, they have a store front in Perth and there are a few different sizes available.

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I just googled and saw around 7. Not sure how close to you though.

Yeah Dean… they are mostly extractors though, or very large ones. I did search “Stainless Steel Honey Storage Tanks”. Found a 200kg one, but I don’t have a million bees like Jaguar Landrover :slight_smile:

I’ll modify the search and try again. Thank you.

Cheers mate, SWAT are 5 min down the road in Midvale. I’ll have a look.

You can find some smaller stainless ones like this Lyson one stoked by RippleFarm

Thanks again. I’ll have a look too.

Checked SWAT’s catalogue and they have smaller ones in 5, 10 and 20L. I’ll go and check their prices next week.

The 5l is good for two flow frames, but no more. I over fill a 20l pail with 14 flow frames…


The Sansone factory in Italy is closed till April due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Hopefully they have local stock!

I know you said available locally, but this one is 25L, and free shipping.

For 99 bucks you can’t beat it, though definitely not as nice as @AdamMaskew’s

It comes with a nylon gate, maybe you can replace it with the one you already have.

Thanks for that. Tempting. The reason it is cheap is because it is 202 stainless steel with less nickel in the alloy, which is a bit less corrosion resistant, and slightly inferior than the most common 306 stainless steel.

Whether that is a concern for honey (being a bit acidic) I’m not sure.

@Wandjina, may I ask why not high-density food grade plastic?

Because I’m posh :crazy_face:

I already have plastic ones. I use these, great food grade plastic with heavy duty lid that seal with gasket. Flat sides are ideal to install gates too.

But I just like the longevity and cleanliness of stainless steel plus some other reasons…

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Quite a good reason actually! :laughing:


The Sansone ones from SWAT are all out of stock (last one sold on Friday!) with new stock being months away.

Ripple Farm is also out of stock of 30L tanks.

And Woolworths ran out of chicken… :roll_eyes:

Well… If the worst comes to the worst, fresh bee larvae isn’t a bad snack :flushed:

Yeah was thinking the same. I have half a frame of drone grub, never looked so tasty! :fork_and_knife:

If you’re interested in eating bee larvae/pupae Olly, I have videos on how to prepare & cook it.
I found an easy way to get it out of the comb.

PS @Wandjina, here’s one of my videos & the one that shows how easy it is to harvest.

In desperate times like these, with civilisation on the brink, I cannot refuse your offer Jeff. :fire:

I’m not kidding… the supermarket closest to me had about 60% of the shelves empty yesterday. Ironically, the health food section is still pretty well stocked.

I wanted to buy some salt to marinate my olives, though titties. None left. Only one packet of Pink Himalayan Salt left at a hefty $7.99.