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Modify a Beemax or styrofoam bee hive to fit Flow hive


Has anyone modified a Beemax or other styrofoam hive to fit The Flow Hive?


Surely you don’t need to.
Can you not put a flow super on an ordinary 10 frame lang?


I see no reason to put the flow frames in a beemax. I wouldn’t leave them on in the winter and insulation would be the only real impetus I would assume for wanting to. Use the Beemax for the brood nest. Put the flow frame box on top. If it’s a ten frame flow frame box then you need nothing else. If it’s an eight frame, then cut a 1 x 3 20" long and put on the side.


Beemax also keeps the bees cooler in the summer. I had a wooden hive this summer and the bees were thick all over the outside. I changed to Beemax and have had no other problems… bees stayed inside after that.


I have polystyrene hives and I wouldn’t go back to wood. Just use them as spares. Supers are wood though



Flow Frames on Paradise Poly boxes, middle hive has a modified 10 frame box holding 7 flow frames.

Flow and Paradise Hive Box

Hi Bruce. Well done there. Do you know of anyone else who has done this - I haven’t seen it before and thought they weren’t compatible? Any tricks to get them to join together?


Hi Dan,
The flow box just sits nicely on the little ridge on the poly boxes.Water can’t get in, the excluder fits ok too.


Thanks for that Bruce, that is great. A good option to consider in the cooler climate.