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Hi i'm from Austria, Styrofoam Hive

I will change a Styrofoam Hive to use with the Flow-System!
Who has already bee booty a Styrofoam of you equipped with the flow frame?
The name of the prey is ‘franc prey’.
Emergency, there is a wooden frame for this loot.

N.g. Wolfgang

G’day Wolfgang. Converting a poly to Flow will be messy.

You are better off having a wooden super which is removed in winter anyway.

I have poly and wood so will be doing something similar. Poly (Styrofoam) hives are better for our winters as they keep warmer.

I would just set the wood super on top of the styrofoam brood boxes and leave it at that. I would pull the supers off for winter.

I also think that would be the better solution!
I’m a Styrobeute with matching wooden frame that I retrofits use.
thank you for your contributions.


I Shell use a 10 Frame Honeybox, 4x flowframes in the middle and 2 Waxframes on the outer side

I have another solution for my problem. I’ll take a perch prey of wood and build the honey room with a half-width frame for 4 honey flows.
My dealer is also producer and also builds special sizes. :yum:

I have 7 FlowFrames ordered for 2 hives.


I’m a Styrofoam Flow beekeeper too! I am in Perth Western Australia and have a 2 storey 6 frame Lyson nucleus hive with 4 Flow frames in the super. It produces about 2kg honey per week this season. The 10 frame Lyson Poly hive has 7 frames in the super. It is in a different location and is not travelling as well! Still looking for the honey flow to start from our local Jarrah forest.

Hello Peter, I have lyson Polyhives too.
Did you alter your Lyson polyhive so you can operate the flow frames while in the hive box, or do you take the frames out to harvest the honey?