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Repairing Flow Frames


Accidentally dropped a flow frame and it “disassembled” when it hit the ground. How can I re-assemble given that the pieces are held together with tensioned wire?


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I will send you the instructions to your email.
Can you pm me the email address you used when you first ordered.

We don’t have the info on our website because of our knock-off’s copying all our information.


My wife purchased the flow frames for me, her name is Coral Jones


Hi, I just deleted the email address from the public forum, that way you won’t get spammed.
I have found your order in our system and will email you the instructions now.


Tried to use video, 2 problems. The suffix .opdownload needed to be deleted to create an mp4. That worked but video stopped at 44 seconds, clock continued but video stopped.


Hmmm strange… I watched it before I sent it to make sure it worked, and have just watched it again.
It’s an mp4 and plays with Quicktime on my mac.
I will send it again through my private email.


Thank you the video worked fine this time. My re-assembly problem appears to be with the locating the two wires. I am finding it difficult to fit it over the two end pieces. I’ll keep trying but may need further advice if that’s Ok.


Okay, you may need to use some pliers / needle nose pliers to slip the wire over the end.
Let me know how you go :slight_smile:


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They slip on and off - this is how the Flow Frames can be adjusted to different lengths to adapt to different bee hive sizes.


I have tried using pliers and other levers without success. The wire is too tight to fit over the end pieces.


Okay, well I’ve asked a couple of other people in the team.
We’ll get back to you shortly.


I have mnaged to fit the top wire easily, same as displayed in the video. It’s the bottom wire that is impossible.


Problem solved. Just needed to hold my tongue in the right direction. Many thanks for your assistance and sorry for being a bit of an idiot.


LOL. Sorry that made me laugh


lol it’s all about looking really weird when trying to do anything - shows you’re concentrating really hard :wink:


Hi, I use a broken dental tool to roll the wires into position, very easy on the wires and plastic, I have adjusted about 30 frames with it, makes the job very easy, you can pick them up at most hardware stores, just grind the thin bit off till you get down to some thicker metal.