Moisture absorption in flow hive over winter

Hi! I have been looking at putting something in my hive over winter (so very soon), to help absorb moisture and hopefully stop any from getting into the hive. I have read something like sawdust in a pillowcase put onto the lid, under the roof works. Has anyone used anything in their hives/roof to absorb moisture? I also read you could use insulation to help with moisture. Any advice appreciated. Thank you :blush:

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If you are wanting something well-made, you won’t go wrong with these instructions by Rusty Burlew. She is a very well-respected Master Beekeeper with a lot of wintering experience:

I think @Eva does something that requires a bit less effort, but maybe she can tell you about that. :blush:


Old hessian (burlap) sack is what I use. Ventilated but absorbes the moisture.

I use multipurpose crown boards over winter with granulated sugar then the hessian sack onto.

Youll always get moisture