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Mold on new observation board within Flow Hive 2?

Is anyone on this board experiencing problems with the new white plastic observation board design within the Flow Hive 2?

Having pretty extreme mold cropping up; no mold anywhere else in the hive.

Thinking the vertical pieces restrict ventilation and it doesn’t dry out /the bees can’t dry it out.


not familiar yet with the new flow set up- but perhaps as a short term measure you could increase the top ventilation? Are there vent holes in the new flow roof? If not you might want to consider installing one and covering the hole on the inner cover with mesh.

Hello Jason, I am confused by your terminology and maybe a photo would get more help with advise about your problem. Mold is normal if it is high humidity and poor air circulation. Maybe look at buying 4 kitchen cupboard door vents from a hardware store, they are made in plastic of chromed metal with a lattice mesh that will stop bees using it to fly out, about 1 1/2 diameter, you will need to make two holes each end of the roof so the hive can breath, That should stop the mold problem. Look at the inside of the roof for any sign of a leaking point in the rain ans even run a seal of silicone at the joints but keep the roof off till the smell had gone, a couple of hours is long enough.
Welcome to the forum, there is lots of nice folks only too happy to give advice to guys who have hit a wall…

Surely Flow have fixed the leaky roof issue by now…
Has the super been added too early and there aren’t enough bees to adequately ventilate the extra area?