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Monster Bee Cut Out


Mum just sent me a link to this story about a monster bee cut out in Queensland- great video that shows how to expertly rubber band comb into frames- amazing work from skilled beekeeper:


He lives up the road from me and is who I recommend for cut outs.
I recently had a knock on my door and my neighbour telling me my bees had moved into their house :weary:
I went over for a look and sure enough, bees in their ceiling. I immediately checked my ladies and they weren’t mine but I don’t think the neighbours believed me :joy:
Anyway, I told him to call Scott after listening to his Mortein jokes (Grrr) & he cut out masses of comb and apparently 6kg of honey. Bees had only been there for 10 days. I was actually sitting on my deck one day & heard loud buzzing. Raced out to check my hives and all quiet, so it must have been that swarm arriving. Neighbours were very happy with his service and he made $700 from it, masses of bees and 6kg of honey :smile: