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Bee trap out at Brighton Adelaide- any Takers?


I have someone who needs an established colony removed from a house in Brighton- it’s too far from me to do- and I have enough bees just now. If anyone n Adelaide is interested please send me a PM for the details. Sounds like a good colony- lot’s of honey, bees and wax in there for a willing trap-outer… the owner says the wall can be opened easily.

save the bees!

South Australian Flowbees

C’mon, no takers? There is likely a lot of bees, honey and wax- all for free- for the taking!

The home owner is an old gent who is 100% determined to save the bees and will help to open up the cavity which he says is easily accessible. I have promised him I will help to find someone who can do this job. I’d do it myself but it is a long way from me and currently I have more than enough new hives to deal with.


Maybe you can put it in the SA beekeepers thread, etc?

Edit - I just put it there :wink:


Hi Jack, if the hive is established & there is no real urgency to remove it, it could be a nice job for you down the track. I was going to say, “leave it for a rainy day”, but that wouldn’t be appropriate. After things die down a bit.

Would the bloke be willing to give you something for petrol & traveling time?


but jeff- it’s almost a 45 minute drive- I thought you had a rule abut distances? I’m kind of following that :wink:

I actually contacted another beekeeper yesterday who may be able to manage it.

I am on the SA Bee society swarm catchers list. A few months ago I was getting swarm calls every day. Now that has stopped- but I am getting more and more calls about hives in compost bins, possum boxes and eaves. It seems all the swarms that didn’t get caught- have now established themselves as hives. So it’s a great time of year for cut outs. Next year I might make a bee-vac and a few traps and set myself up to better deal with cut-outs.


45 minutes is not too bad especially if the other party is able to contribute to your expenses. It’s a trap-out that requires more consideration because it usually ends up in multiple trips.

We drove for 45 minutes to split a flow hive & keep the split (minus the queen) for our troubles. That was a bit touch & go whether it was worth the effort or not.

If you can do that job in one trip & get your expenses covered, that’s something that I’d take on.

What I do is talk Wilma into preparing a picnic lunch. If the bee job ends up in a wild goose chase, well at least the trip isn’t wasted because we had a picnic & a drive.


Hi Jack, I’ll be in the Brighton area after the 10th Jan for a week and would be happy to help you do the cut out if it helps,can’t take the bees back to Kangaroo Island though.
I’ve asked around on the Island about queens for sale for you but no luck as yet,will keep asking
Regards Brian


Guys, I live in Brighton and have the time to lend an enthusiastic but inexperienced hand if that’s of any interest to anyone. I don’t feel confident to take the lead on a cut out myself. For fun I have made a bucket bee vacuum and would like to see it tried out.
Cheers, JB


hi @Semaphore Jack. We did one of those 45 minute drives yesterday. It turned into a big day, but worth the effort. After sorting out the wax & bees, we ended up with 66kg of honey. A personal best, I think. I managed to save most of the bees. That will be a second trip to pick them up. I’ll take the bloke back some of his honey plus the 3 buckets he lent me. I took 3 with me, but we needed 6. Plus we got paid a fee that I asked for before going.

When you weigh up the pros & cons. One big pro is the experience & knowledge gained by going to such a cut-out.