More honey than brood

Hi there, my nuc arrived and was installed in early December in northern Victoria in Australia. We’ve had a long, hot summer but I didn’t feed them any syrup as they seemed to be getting along quite well. They drew out two of their three empty frames within two weeks but now, two months on, the third one still has no comb and there is more honey than brood on the other two. Should I be worried?

Maybe try moving that undrawn comb right next to the brood nest and putting another box on top. Is there still forage available?

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Thabks jape. The bees are not in the nuclear hive anymore, they are in the brood box of the full Flow Hive.

Could I put the Flow box on top so they start putting honey there and free up space in the brood box? Or do I need an additional brood box?

I have to agree with Jape here, Put another brood box under the first. When both are full of bees then put the flow super on. BUT ask about …what are beekeepers doing in your area?