Mould On Flow Frames

I have 2 Flow Hives on the Hawkesbury River and have noticed the presence of Mould on the front of the Flow Frames, I will be doing an inspection this weekend but has anyone else had this issue and how it was dealt with

Mostly the bees clean up any Australian mould and American mold but you might search for “mould” or “mold” and see what other folks have tried.


Thanks , I am inspecting the Hive tomorrow so will see how bad it is

There is a similar thread here discussing using the bees to clean the Flow Frames. Bees cleaning flow frames after removing super

If it is really bad, then a pressure washer can work, making sure the Flow Frame is fully secured and on a flat surface. Start from a good distance and bring the nozzle closer, slightly angled until you notice the mould coming away, dont get too close as there is a risk of the Flow Frame being blown apart or damaging the plastic components.