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Moving Bees - 60ft some look lost

I’m new to bee keeping, I just ordered the hive because I found some bees who created a beehive in a trash can of all places, so I moved the whole thing into a more secure area while I want for the new house to arrive, I moved them about 60ft last night, this morning I saw them happy in the new area, but I noticed a few of them over at the old location, so my questions is, will them be able to find the new location? or is there something I can do to help them.

Moving hive concepts same whether it’s a hive in a box or a trash can:


Thank you for the advice, I did move them at night since I noticed that they were all at home, but the next morning I saw quite a few back at the old location, I did wait until it was dark and went back, found 5 just sitting in a box of flowers I put there to try and catch the lost ones, picked them up and put them by the trash can, I will follow up everyday as the vid showed until they are all back home. When the new Flow house comes, what will happen with the honeycombs they already built? is there a way to save them? I would hate to damage any larva’s.

Thank you for the help

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You can cut the combs out and put them into the empty frames that will go inside your hive box(es). Even if they are quite wonky you should still be able to straighten and fit them within the plane of the frame. Be sure to put them in the correct orientation, especially top-bottom.

You’re doing what’s called a cut out - maybe search YouTube for a video on this topic and maybe how to fix severe cross comb.

Most people recommend using rubber bands to hold the comb in place while the bees get it attached. Over a few days they will chew up the rubber bands and drag them out of the hive.

You’re invariably going to damage some brood and kill some bees, especially if you’re a newbie but don’t be discouraged. Have your smoker ready and get some help from a local.


Nice job moving the bees to a more sturdy home! I hope you can complete the job as Alok is describing, definitely with some help because it’s very tricky to do with only one pair of hands :laughing::clap: Please let us know how you make out!

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Thank you for your replies they have helped tremendously, I have followed your advise and it is going well, I have beeen collecting the bees 3 times a day and walk them over to the new location and at night I look for the straggles, lol, we should have the new flow hive this weekend, looking forward to it, the new location seem to have a tremendous impact lots of bees with pollen on their legs so they seem happy!
Any recommendation for flowers I might place close to the hive? I looked into it and Florida they say Salvia, Lavender, Marigolds, Nasturtium, Oleander but since you guys have done it for awhile I thought I would get your input what may be the best ones.

Thanks again

Thank you, not a planned bee keeper, lol, but I am always saving critters here in Fl, I a GC by trade and my guys are always laugher at me because I have moved Turtle’s, Snakes, Squirrels and so on, I have held up projects so I can get the animals, upsets some of my Subs, good thing I’m the boss, so they don’t say anything but roll their eyes.


African Blue Basil. It is a perennial, flowers most of the year in your climate, and bees go nuts over it