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Moving and unsure what to do with bees, help!


I’m having an unexpected and quick move and need some help on deciding what to do with my bees! I’m out of options and the person who purchased the flowhive is moving and needs to take the hive with them as it’s an unexpected move and it’s obviously an expensive hive. I’m completely new to beekeeping so I have no idea how to remove the bees from the hive. If there is someone who can take just the frames or transfer them into something else can come take them for free, they are carniolan. I just desperately need help! I live near Aberdeen Washington so anyone who’s willing to take the bees by the end of the month 8/31 and transfer them into some other box can have them for free.


Sorry you are having to leave all your bees behind!

  1. look for local/ nearby bee clubs on line. Some of their members may collect the bees or they may be able to refer you to someone.

  2. Check with your local agricultural office and see if they can recommend someone.

  3. Be sure to also ask everyone you speak with if they know of anyone who does swarm removal. Those folk usually have bee vacuums and that would make removal a breeze.

Good luck!


Jerry @Gerald_Nickel is a bit too far away (about 100 miles), but he knows a commercial beekeeping guy who might have contacts in your area. :crossed_fingers:


Hi Queenie,

How many frames are in use n have frames drawn out ?! Kind of like to know if I can find someone up here (Seattle/Puget Sound Area) that could come n transfer to a hive box or so …



Removing the bees is pretty easy as long as you have a hive of the same size. It only takes a few minutes.


You could put add on Craigslist under farm and garden or livestock or both. Probably get rid of them in few hours