Moving Frames from Brood Box to new hybrid flow super

Our 2nd 8 frame Hive is going strong and ready for adding a new hybrid flow super. My question is what is the best way to juggle the frames around to give the brood box more room.
Should I take the two outer honey frames from the brood box and move up to the outer sides of the hybrid flow super then slide the next frame out on each side of the brood box?
I would then place two new frames with foundation in the brood box.
My logic is that the space for new brood shouldn’t be at the outer frames. We have avoided adding additional brood boxes and have just done splitting to a nuc and giving away as required. We don’t want too much to manage.
Weather is fantastic 30 deg C and lots of nectar around.
We have another 8 frame traditional flow hive also going strong.
Happy for any feedback to my logic.

Sounds good. I don’t like putting new frames next to the hive wall. Too much risk of crazy comb in my hives. So I do what you describe most of the time. If the hive is really strong, and needs some “disruption” (i.e. slowing down), I put the 2 new frames near the centre of the box, with a frame of brood between them.

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Thanks Dawn really appreciate the feedback.

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Hey Gaz… How are the bees taking to the hybrid super? I am interested in purchasing one to make honeycomb but I don’t want to sacrifice honey production in the flow frames if they are reluctant to fill them as some on the forum have reported. I don’t recall any local comments on the subject so am keen to know how they would do here. Local conditions seem to make a difference. I have an expanding population and need to make a decision quickish! Or I have to make a nuc to sell! It may be too early for you to say anything definitely but I’m interested in how it looks to you.