Can I replace full frames with Flow frames?

Aloha! I just added a second box to my hive since they were getting crowed and looked ready to expand. I haven’t gotten my Flow frames yet (hopefully in the next couple weeks). Will I be able to replace the middle regular frames in he second box with the Flow frames (even if the bees have begun to build on the regular frames) and then move the regular frames to the outside of the Flow frames? I have heard/read many opinions about moving frames and get mixed opinions. Any say on this matter?

Absolutely, you may need to make some cutouts for your Flow frames, I would suggest you get yourself another box as a Flow and then place this Flow box in place of your second super, placing the current super on top of the Flow box. I agree in placing the Flow frames in the middle and not on the outside. Your regular frames to be moved to the outside. Just feel this is the best way.

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