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Moving my flow hive 2+

I need to move my 3 month old hive with the honey super on it.
Do I have to take off the legs that have the ant prevention devices on them?
The video I watched on moving the hive did not have these legs.
My local beekeeper said I’d need to take off the base but that seems like a big job with the bees already in it.
I’m moving it next week so I’d appreciate any advice.
Thanks a lot,

How far are you moving it? If you close down the entrance when the bees are all inside (at night) and strap it all together and down you should be ok with the stand on, if the ride isn’t too bumpy. Maybe take the tray out to maximize ventilation especially if it is warm.

About 15 miles - in a truck.

Thanks for the tip about the tray. If I take that out nothing can escape, right?


If the metal screen is inserted correctly and it’s propolized down then nothing can get out except pests and some rejected larvae.

Definitely make sure that the boxes lid and stand are well secured. Ratchet straps work well. They are heavy when full of honey and the stack can get unwieldy if it’s tall. You’ll need some strong help to get the hive up and down out of the truck and to move it even on level ground.

If it’s not very warm and you’re moving when it’s dark you probably don’t have to worry about it since you’re not going very far. Open up the entrance as soon as you have the hive situated and use red flashlights if you need light.

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I would be inclined to remove the honey frames before the move, while leaving the legs in place. Leave the honey super on, minus the roof, with the plug in & use a ratchet strap as @chau06 suggested. It will be much lighter & less top heavy, as well as easier on the legs without the honey frames in place. It will be a good opportunity to remove any propolis or bur comb as you replace the frames after the bees have settled.

Thanks so much, guys, that is a lot of good tips.
The honey super is empty, we just put it on a week or so ago.
Now I’ll look for red flashlights :wink:
I appreciate you,

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You’re welcome Pam. Consider removing the roof though, because that makes it just that little bit more awkward to lift, plus the ratchet strap, which needs to be fairly tight can damage the edges.


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Well, we finally moved the hive last evening.
It was totally successful and pretty easy thanks to all of you.
My son was impressed with all my knowledge :wink:

They are waking up to their first rain in the new home but I know they will be very happy there.